Loose Pieces (Container)

Chan Suk On likes to use environmentally friendly materials to create artwork. She used loose pieces of a broken camera as a decorative pattern on the vase. Reminds her of Chinese blue and white porcelain with decorations. Most of the decorations are dragons, flowers, clouds, and waves. Loose pieces of the camera are an information design of a sign, like a lightning symbol, which represents the need to turn on the flash or turn off the flash. + means to increase, and – means to decrease. Like a clock symbol, it represents the Selfie adjustment timing. These designs are integrated into everyday life and are very familiar.She used a small glass bottle, which was originally used to hold the oil used to repair and moisturize the hair. After washing it, it can be used as a vase with dried leaves. She thinks this is the art of sustainable development, and it is also between art and design.

陳淑安喜歡採用環保材料創作藝術品,她用損壞的相機解構零件,作為花瓶上的裝飾圖案,讓她聯想起中國青花瓷器。紋飾多為龍、花、雲、浪。相機的零件部分是標誌的信息設計,如閃電符號,代表需要打開閃光燈或關閉閃光燈。 +表示增加,-表示減少。像一個鐘錶符號,代表調整自拍時間。這些設計融入日常生活,感覺非常熟悉。她用了玻璃瓶,原本是用來盛裝修護滋潤頭髮用的油,洗淨後可作花瓶。她認為這是可持續發展的藝術,令作品游走於藝術與設計之間。



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