long bean knots 編織長豆角

One night, when she walked into a supermarket, she saw a pack of organic long beans, about 20 pieces, one about 20 centimeters long, and it came from Malaysia. Very green and very fresh. Thinking of long beans, like a line in the visual elements, she feels that it has great potential and is indeed a talent that can be created. Long beans were her muse before cooking as a dish. She tried to weave wishful knots with long beans, long beans symbolize longevity, good fortune, and well-being. The Ruyi knot is an ancient Chinese knot. The Ruyi means auspiciousness and peace. The knot represents strength, unity, and harmony. (A knot is constantly intertwined, which contains elegant charm.) Green represents vitality, and long beans are like jumping and dancing, flying wantonly. During the three years of the unstable epidemic, daily life has encountered many uncertainties. During this period, Chinese people like to use auspicious items to heal the soul.

In the process of weaving, she added my feelings and ideas, creating freely and happily. The tenacity of long beans is very elastic, and they can shuttle left and right. It is gradually woven into a net and can be stretched freely.She likes to buy long beans for my creations, and after taking a picture of it, it can be her dish at dinner. Food and art create sparks, creating dynamic photos and delicious dishes. She likes the feeling of having something to eat after finishing her artistic practice.





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