Loose pieces (film camera)

Canon EOS 88 is her father’s film camera, which was stored in the carbine for over twenty years. It is because it is quite difficult to buy the film. The film camera is of no use. Loose pieces present when the object has no functions, does it still have value? The trend towards using the digital camera in 2000. The old-fashioned film camera is light in weight. When she opens the camera, it is quite simple in structure. It has some plastic gears to roll the film. When every small part is disassembled, like an anatomical picture. Its beauty naturally emerges. She creates a young face with these gears as the eyes and mouth. It is a fashionable style with a new look. Most photographers and photo lovers have a film camera at home. This camera gives her many precious moments. She remembers she used this camera to take photos with her classmates in secondary classmates. It is her first time taking a photograph using a film camera. She tries reorganizing loose film camera pieces to breathe calmly and appreciate the craftsmanship of the creator. She likes to use old and discarded objects to create her artwork. It is unique and sentimental.



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