Loose pieces 鬆綁零件

“Loose pieces” is her latest work in 2021. She like taking photographs very much, so her camera always need to repair. The cost is also very expensive. She has an urge to crack down on this black box. What’s the secret inside? She used a lot of strength to loosen the screws to satisfy her curiosity. She discovered the small parts inside and revealed the unknown things hidden in the camera. There is no connection between parts and parts. It is very interesting to look carefully at their shapes. They are not geometric shapes, but are composed of irregular shapes, and these irregular shapes are based on different functions. The design is very interesting. When every small parts are disassembled, like an anatomical picture and has no function. Its beauty naturally emerges. These little parts are in her collection, and she reorganized them to make this artwork. She used top shots and arranged them carefully on white background. This arrangement is simple and neat, a Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Sabi refers to the external incompleteness, irregular shape, simplicity, minimalism, without too much modification, and the pursuit of inner peace and indifference. Untie the parts and deconstruct them, let the objects display and breathe naturally, and appreciate the craftsmanship of the creator.

鬆綁零件是我在二零二一年的最新作品。我很喜歡攝影,因此我的相機會給我弄壞,經常要維修。每次維修費用也很昂貴,我便有一個衝動想打閧這個黑色盒子,內裏有什麼秘密。我用了很大的力氣,扭鬆螺絲。我的好奇心很強,打開了相機滿足了我的欲望,發現了內裏的小小零件,將隱藏在相機內的不知名東西浮現。將每一個小零件鬆綁,零件與零件之間再沒有連繫,仔細看它們的形狀十分有趣,不是幾何形狀的圓方角,而是不規則的形狀組成,而這些不規則形狀是按照不同的功能而設計,甚為有趣。當每一個小小的零件分拆開,像一幅解剖圖,已沒有功能性的時候,它的美感自然地流露出來。這些小小的零件是我的收藏,再將它們重組,做成了這件藝術品。我用了top shot和白紙,小心地排列着,這種排列的方式,有如一種日本的侘寂wabi-sabi的美學。侘寂是指外在殘缺、不規則的形狀、樸素、極簡丶沒有過多的修飾,追求內心平和淡然。將零件鬆綁解構,讓物件自然地展示、呼吸,用心去欣賞造物者的工藝。



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