I’m still ok

Many people would choose to buy a beautiful fruit, and they would spend a few minutes making the selection. Once, when she was choosing a fruit, she saw a jumbo pomegranate with a scar, which was deeply imprinted in her heart. As if telling a sad story. No one is perfect. Many friends seek for perfect. They are all perfectionists. Honestly, Sometimes she is also a perfectionist. She listens to a statement called Imperfect is perfect or I’m perfect. In a lifetime, sometimes trouble and sometimes cheerful. She thinks she is still OK. It is her mission. Chan Suk On is an optimistic person. She thinks the fruits with scars have character.

很多人會選擇買一個好靚的生果,往往會花一二分鐘停留,千挑萬選。 有一次,我在選擇生果時,見到一個珍寶紅石榴有一條巴痕,深深的烙印在我的心裏,好像訴說著一個悲傷的故事……



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