New Arrival Gloves/ Socks

DSC_7132smallDSC_7099smallChan Suk On-New Arrival06Chan Suk On-New Arrival05Chan Suk On-New Arrival03Chan Suk On-New Arrival04

I am wearing a surgical face mask every day. I keep the packages and boxes of surgical face masks which come from the United States, Japan, Korean, United Kingdom to do the artwork. I don’t know the Japanese and Korea language. So, I use the translator apps to understand what it said. In Hong Kong, I can buy some alcohol swabs from Indonesia. The 75% alcohol swab is essential to my life to kill the virus. These are my experiences in these strange times. In the global world, the surgical face masks are out of stock. Many people worry all the time. The supply and demand is unbalanced. So, I try to develop the sculpture which is mixed by the packages to give me a peace of mind.

每天我都戴口罩。我保留了口罩和酒精濕紙巾的包裝,來自美國、日本、韓國、英國。當我不懂日文和韓文的時候,我經常用翻譯apps 來了解產品的用途和成份。在香港能買到來自印尼的含75%消毒濕紙巾來殺滅病毒。這是我在這個時期所遇到的經歷。在這個世界裏,醫療口罩曾經一度缺貨,令人心煌煌。供不應求,我嘗試採用了抗疫物資做成了一件雕塑,給我安心的感覺。


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