TT Portrait

chan suk on10chan suk on13chan suk on12chan suk on11TT Portrait

TT Portrait series encapsulates the fluctuating emotions felt by Chan Suk On. Photographic equipment is arranged to create facial expressions that represent sadness, disappointment, anger, and helplessness. The images are beyond words. Using different emojis is the king of the era. It is full of humor to connect the people. This series of photos are special for photo lovers.

Emoticon describes and shows facial expressions. It is an international symbol. This is a portrait of a person without a name, it can be everyone or anyone. People have no distinction of gender, age, class, wealth, or dress code. In her world, everyone is fair. These photos show the mental state of an era. In society, communication often uses emojis on social media. It is quick and convenient. It takes less than a second to press the icon and you can instantly express your emotions. This subculture has penetrated social circles. It is rarely written in words.

Portraiture uses a white background, and the visual elements mainly use circles to represent the eyes and mouth. All of them are close-up shots. She uses photographic equipment and accessories for creation, mainly metal materials, for orderly arrangement. Making the objects have a character with humanity. Improvisation is a mode of creation, without any sketches, making artworks based on feelings. The composition is graphical, concise, tough, and humorous. In her mind, pretending to be a happy person is no need. The photo is like a mirror. No one has the privilege to escape from fear, anger, tiredness, and sorrow.





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